TDCJ Orientation Information


Absence is time off from work that may be recorded as Scheduled or Unscheduled.

  • Scheduled Call Out – Agency Coordinator notified of absence 16 hours prior to time scheduled to return to work. Scheduled leave must be submitted for approval in advance to allow time to fill the vacant shift.

  • Unscheduled Call Out – notification of an absence anytime less than 16 hours prior to time scheduled to return to work. Excessive unscheduled absences may result in disciplinary action, including termination from the agency program.

The agency nurse is expected to call their respective agency vendor personally on each day of absence providing as much advanced notice as possible and give the following information: reason for absence, contact number and expected return date and time.

A medical provider’s note may be requested when:

  • 2 or more consecutive shifts are called off / cancelled

  • Call off / cancellation occurs on a holiday

Tardiness & Partial Unscheduled Absences: Excessive tardiness and partial unscheduled absences are detrimental to this agency and will not be tolerated. A tardy occurrence is defined as not being at the assigned workstation at the beginning of a shift. More than seven minutes late is considered tardy. A partial unscheduled absence is tardiness that exceeds one hour or leaving your work area prior to the end of the scheduled shift without having previously scheduled this with your agency vendor. Disciplinary action up to termination from participation in the agency pool may occur regarding excessive tardiness or partial unscheduled absences.

Misrepresentation of time worked or alteration of time and attendance records may constitute falsification of State documents and be considered gross misconduct subject to disciplinary action including termination from the agency program.

All overtime must be authorized in advance by the Nurse Manager and agency vendor, including working through lunch break. The only exception is in the case of a medical emergency where notifications must be made immediately after the event.

What are the requirements to be come part of the Nursing Group?

Nursing Group nurses are held to high standards when it comes to providing quality Clinical Staff Support for our contracting facilities patients. Professionalism is an absolute requirement. A minimum of 2 years experience is required in your field. The ability to work in harmony with others and being flexible in terms of your available days and shifts will provide opportunities.


Where do you staff?

Nursing Group is currently contracted to staff correctional, acute care and rehabilitation facilities across the nation.

Where can I work?

You qualify to work on any unit you have experience within the last year. Example-If you have worked ICU and or Telemetry within the last year you may work ICU and Telemetry.

How can I apply?

First complete the “contact us” form. Attaching your resume is highly recommended. After your resume is reviewed and you qualify you will receive an email with a user name and password. Once you have received the user name and password click on the apply now link and place your username and password in the required boxes. Please change your password after you have logged in. Complete the application entirely, do not leave any blanks, if not applicable please put N/A.

What documents are required?

Copies of the following documents may be faxed, scanned and emailed. You only need to submit documents pertinent to your area of expertise, for example if you work NICU you do not need to submit ACLS.
Drivers License or State Identification
Social Security Card
PPD, or Xray report within the last 2 years
MMR titers
Flu vaccination if you have taken one in the last year

How often and how do I get paid?

You are paid weekly on every Friday via direct deposit. Payroll may be moved to the day before or the following Monday due to holidays.


Time sheets may be downloaded from the forms page. All time sheets are due by Sunday 12:00 Central Standard time. Please fax to 512-218-0904 or you may email to: timesheets@nursinggroup.com.

Download: Timesheet

Travel reimbursement

All travel reimbursement must be accompanied by the original receipt along with a completed and signed reimbursement form. Forms and receipts may be faxed to 512-218-0904.

Will you pay for my license renewal?

License renewal payment is paid upon successful completion of your contract.


The Nursing Group carries professional liability. It is recommended that you carry your own liability policy which may be purchased separately.

Health insurance: We are currently seeking avenues to provide health and dental insurance to PerDiem and Travel staff.

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