Texas Department of Corrections Do’s and Dont’s

General Rules for Agency Nurses Working on TDCJ Facilities

  • 1. A state-issued picture ID will be required to enter the facility.
  • 2. When attending Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Training, be prepared to provide your nursing license number and expiration date  to the instructor.
  • 3. Dress professionally – Scrubs are recommended/acceptable attire
  • 4. No white clothing (pants, skirts, shirts or blouses). The offenders wear white.
  • 5. To avoid being refused entry to a facility, do not wear jeans until you know the rules for that facility.
  • 6. No skin tight clothing.
  • 7. No see through material.
  • 8. No sleeveless tops/shirts.
  • 9. No shorts or skirts above the knee.
  • 10. No open-toed/casual shoes, such as sandals or flip flops.
  • 11. If your shoes will not stay on while running, they are not safe/suitable for work.
  • 12. No cell phones, pagers, PDAs, MP3s, IPods, etc. These must be left in your car or at home.
  • 13. Food containers brought from home must be clear/see through.
  • 14. Drinks – Only in unopened plastic bottles, no glass.
  • 15. No cans (Aluminum)  or drinks in cups.
  • 16. Purses must be clear and see through. Check with unit prior to entry to make sure that purses are allowed.
  • 17. TDCJ is a tobacco free institution. All tobacco products must be left in vehicle and accessed only during breaks and in designated areas.
  • 18. No alcohol in vehicle or on person.
  • 19. Prescription medication – only bring enough for the day. Most units will not allow the full prescription bottle on the unit, except for Asthma Inhalers.
  • 20. Secure your vehicle – doors locked, widows completely closed, personal information (i.e., mail)/belongings (extra clothing, suitcases) out of plain sight or locked in trunk.
  • 21. Secure vehicle keys on your person. A few facilities provide lockers.
  • 22. No weapons of any kind, to include pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, knives, or guns. Please leave these at home.
  • 23. You are subject to TDCJ security rules/regulations while on State property.


Items not allowed on facilities including parking lots/garages

  • 1. Cell phones
  • 2. IPods/Smart devices of any kind (Apple Watches, IPad, tablets, GPS systems)
  • 3. Alcohol “even in your locked vehicle” or bed of a pickup
  • 4. Medication (unless a day worth of prescription)
  • 5. Firearms/Knives
  • 6. Glass containers
  • 7. Personal photos
  • 8. Makeup
  • 9. Tobacco
  • 10. Mirrors
  • 11. Large sum of money (only take the amount of money needed for the day for vending machines.


Secure your Vehicle

  • 1. Windows rolled up all the way
  • 2. Vehicles locked at all times
  • 3. Sunroofs closed
  • 4. Nothing in the bed of a truck that could be contraband (tools, alcohol, clothing etc.)
  • 6. Hide purses, clothing, cell phones left in vehicle



  • 1. Lunch should be brought in clear baggies and clear containers; only bring what you will eat within one day.
  • 2. Your jacket should be locked up as well as blue paper gowns worn in clinic.
  • 3. NO shredding of any documents that contain offender information. Ask the unit of assignment where the shredding is kept until sent out for shredding.
  • 4. Offenders are not allowed to handle sharps containers unattended.
  • 5. Notify Warden and Supervisor of any prescription meds you need to bring on facility with IOC letter (Inter Office Communication).
  • 6. Notify Warden and Supervisor if you run across any offenders that you know from free world.
  • 7. If an offender makes contact with you in any form (physically, in writing, phone call, etc.) it is mandatory that you notify the nurse manager and security immediately in writing.
  • 8. You are never permitted to provide the offender with any contraband.


Attendance Standards

  • 1. Absence is time off from work that may be recorded as Scheduled or Unscheduled.
  • 2. Scheduled Call Out – Agency Coordinator notified of absence 16 hours prior to time scheduled to return to work.
  • 3. Scheduled leave must be submitted for approval in advance to allow time to fill the vacant shift.Unscheduled Call Out – notification of an absence anytime less than 16 hours prior to time scheduled to return to work.
  • 4. Excessive unscheduled absences may result in disciplinary action, including termination from the agency program.
  • 5. The agency nurse is expected to call their respective agency vendor personally on each day of absence providing as much advanced notice as possible and give the following information: reason for absence, contact number and expected return date and time.


A medical providers note may be requested when:

  • 1. (2) Two or more consecutive shifts are called off / cancelled
  • 2. Call off / cancellation occurs on a holiday


Tardiness & Partial Unscheduled Absences:

  • 1. Excessive tardiness and partial unscheduled absences are detrimental to this agency and will not be tolerated. A tardy occurrence is defined as not being at the assigned workstation at the beginning of a shift. More than seven minutes late is considered tardy. A partial unscheduled absence is tardiness that exceeds one hour or leaving your work area prior to the end of the scheduled shift without having previously scheduled this with your agency vendor. Disciplinary action up to termination from participation in the agency pool may occur regarding excessive tardiness or partial unscheduled absences.
  • 2. Misrepresentation of time worked or alteration of time and attendance records may constitute falsification of State documents and be considered gross misconduct subject to disciplinary action including termination from the agency program.
  • 3. All overtime must be authorized in advance by the Nurse Manager and agency vendor, including working through lunch break. The only exception is in the case of a medical emergency where notifications must be made immediately after the event.


2018 Approved Holidays:

  • 1. 09/04/2017 Monday Labor Day
  • 2. 11/23/2017 Thursday Thanksgiving
  • 3. 11/24/2018 Friday Thanksgiving
  • 4. 12/25/2018 Saturday Winter Holiday
  • 5. 12/26/2018 Sunday Winter Holiday
  • 6. 11/01/2018 Monday Winter Holiday
  • 7. 01/15/2018 Monday Martin Luther King Day
  • 8. 01/19/2018 Friday Confederate Heroes Day
  • 9. 02/19/2018 Monday Presidents Day
  • 10. 03/02/2018 Friday Texas Independence Day
  • 11. 05/28/2018 Monday Memorial Day
  • 12. 06/19/2018 Wednesday Independence Day
  • 13. 08/27/2018 Monday Lyndon B. Johnson Day


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